Hello, I'm Brian.

I believe in creating ideas for a better world.

Ideas that change the lives of real people. Give a voice to the voiceless. Put people at the center of the universe and change the perception of an entire generation. Ideas that make people uncomfortable. I'm here to influence culture in a positive way. It's time more brands took the stand. Not through an ad, but through content that is real and natural.

This is my mantra.


At the core,

I'm a guy who loves life. Not too serious, not too funny. Actually very funny.

I'm a peoples kind of person. A go-getter. A soul searcher. An always on, always curious, always thinking kind of person. I question the status quo, asking the hard questions. That's what helps us move forward.

I'm also one of those vegan people they talk about in those documentaries. Not that I'm in a documentary, although if you're looking for someone, I'm your guy. Again, I just believe in doing good. Good for the people. Good for the world. Good for the sake of having a choice.


Shot list of my life.

Born in Columbia, MD

Raised in Weston, CT

Studied at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

My hero is Steve Jobs

Bucket List #1 Skydiving in South Africa
Partially completed. I went paragliding.

Bucket List #2 Hug Oprah Winfrey

Song "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman